Marketing Strategy 2018-2020

Bruce County Public Library has made a concerted effort to focus on marketing library services to Bruce County residents. In 2013, a Communications Coordinator position was created to address the need for focused marketing and promotion of library resources and to create a social media presence. The library works to promote resources and services online and through traditional methods. To date, our marketing efforts have concentrated on increasing awareness of library services and resources through our website, social media, print media, and in branches.

Community consultations in 2014 during the strategic planning process, combined with user surveys conducted in 2017, have illustrated the need to modify our marketing approach and find ways to reach those in the community who are not yet

A customer feedback survey conducted in summer of 2017 provided insight into what people know about the library and its services. Feedback from the public indicates that many are not aware of what the library has to offer.

The overall marketing strategy aligns with our strategic plan goal to provide innovative communication, evaluation, and promotion of library services. The strategy also incorporates specific marketing data obtained through a software subscription. This data allows us to create municipal profiles to better understand and strategically promote services and resources to the demographics of each municipality.

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